11 most dangerous waters in the world

Travelling allows people to appreciate nature and be relieved from the stress of urban life. You can go hiking, swimming, fishing, and simply relaxing thanks to the fresh air and wonderful landscapes.

However, there are some areas that people should always be wary of. Here are 11 bodies of water that people should be extra careful around.

The Devil's Pool

Located at Victoria Falls that is found between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Devil's Pool is a natural feature at the edge of the falls. When the water level reaches a certain point, brave swimmers can move around the Devil's Pool because a rock barrier keeps the current tame. However, several people have died because they slipped over the barrier and gravely fell.

Jacob's Well

Jacob's Well is located in Texas in the United States. It is infamous for being one of the riskiest diving spots in the world. The total depth of Jacob's Well is 40 meters, and one of its chambers looks like an exit route, but it can actually trap divers to death.

Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake is found in Dominica and is known as one of the world's largest hot springs. The temperature of this lake at the edges alone measure at least 82 degrees Celsius while the center has yet to be measured because it is too dangerous.

Rio Tinto

Spain's Rio Tinto is incredibly acidic and has a strange color because of the dissolved iron. Just like stomach acid, it will immediately dissolve any fish that enters. The same effects would probably happen to humans.

Lake Kivu

Located on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, Lake Kivu is basically a natural time bomb that awaits a volcanic eruption before it harms a lot of people. It has more than 250 cubic kilometers worth of carbon dioxide and methane gas amounting to 65 cubic kilometers.

Citarum River

West Java's Citarum River in Indonesia is not only severely polluted, but it is also being used for drinking, boiling food, and taking a bath by humans. There are more than 500 factories that have contributed to the demise of this river.

Jokulhlaup Lake

This beautiful lake in Iceland is quite deadly. Once the glaciers containing the massive amount of water become destroyed, a huge torrent that could be as deep as 50 meters would easily ravage humans and properties.

Horseshoe Lake

This lake is found in Mono County in California, US. Every 5000 years, there are large eruptions in this area. Just 20 years ago, the trees started to die and scientists found out that carbon dioxide had been escaping from the chambers located within. Three people perished in 2006 when they stayed at a nearby cave because of the insane amount of carbon dioxide.

Lake Michigan

There are several deaths occurring in Lake Michigan in the US every year. While it attracts swimmers during the summer, it actually has big undercurrents that cause injuries and death. During the fall season, the waves only become stronger and deadlier.

Blue Lagoon

Located at Derbyshire in the United Kingdom, this otherwise beautiful body of water was actually a quarry that became flooded. It is incredibly toxic, and it can cause problems to one's skin and stomach.

Potomac River

This river in the United States is 14 miles long and is famous for outdoor activities including fishing, boating, and kayaking. However, the rush of underwater currents can create a roiling effect that could trick swimmers because of the relatively calm surface appearance.

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